Satellites04 Rough Trade release


Congratulations to John Garrison and his Satellites project being released exclusively by Rough Trade in NYC and the UK. After a sold out run on ‘Final 500 Records’ earlier this year. Satellites 04 is being released by Rough Trade who has been on the Satellites train releasing the first 2 albums and featuring them as ‘albums of the month’.

OxenFree “Beacons”


One of the more fun sessions at Rubber Tracks recently was Indie rock band, OxenFree. Their new album features a couple songs I tracked during our day together. Check the music out below:

Aerial East “Crazy Now”


I mixed an album for a very cool songwriter, Aerial East, at the now defunct Fluxivity Studios in Brooklyn a while back. Gordon Minette produced, arranged, and played on much of the album. Check out the video for “Crazy Now” below.

“Stay Good” Kid in the Attic


Joanna Katcher produced a little collection of great songs for Kid in the Attic, and they are finally coming out! I mastered this project a while back and it was a pleasant surprise to get tagged upon it’s release. Enjoy!

Lady Moon & The Eclipse “Rollercoaster” Premiere


I felt great about being involved as the sonic book ends of the upcoming Lady Moon album. I engineered the basic tracking sessions at Atomic Sound in Red Hook, and then got to master the completed album recently. Greg and the band put an incredible amount of work into this album and it’s a great listen. Look for the album this spring and check out the first video for the track “Rollercoaster” below.

FOTC & Superbowl 50


“Friends” from Season 2 of Flight of the Conchords was featured in this Marmot advertisement during the game. Fun little tune that I engineered a while back for the show and their albums.

Check it out below

Yellowbellies “1000 Churches”


Danish band, Yellowbellies, released a video for the first single off their upcoming LP I had the pleasure of mastering. Soren and the boys made a great album, please take a moment and have a look & listen to “1000 Churches

CAVERNS – “Long As I Can See The Light” CCR


Caverns recently recorded a cover of CCR’s “Long As I Can See The Light” in their rehearsal space and I put a quick mix n master on it for them. Check it out below and go see them at Hotel Cafe next week in LA, cuz I will be!

La Lune “Los Tiros”


Recently during Converse Rubber Tracks worldwide studio takeover, I was captain of the ship in Brooklyn and Los Tiros came up from South America to drop the synthy jams.

No idea what this song says about the moon, but it’s great to listen to. Had fun working on the tracks. Enjoy:

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