Arlen Hart Ginsburg – Radian


Arlen Hart Ginsburg’s latest album released on Sunday August 29th. Arlen and I mixed this together and it is a wonderful musical exploration of emotions and soundscape. Much thanks to Alex DeTurk for the secret sauce mastering on the final product. Click below to have a listen.

“Colorblind” by Mae Krell


Jakob Leventhal produced and mixed the latest single from songwriter Mae Krell entitled “Colorblind”. Out now on all streaming platforms! I had the pleasure to master this track for Jakob and Mae out of my spot, Joe’s Garage. Take a listen and give’em a follow and like!

“Here” by Arlen Hart Ginsburg

Had the pleasure of working with longtime friend and creator, Arlen recently to mix his latest single, “Here“. Mixed at Joe’s Garage, exquisitely mastered by the master masterer himself, Chris Athens
Click the album cover to head to Spotify to listen.

“Kindred Spirit” by Annie Keating


Late last year I spent a couple weeks hunkered down and masked up in Atomic Sound recording a new album with Annie and her killer band for her latest album Bristol County Tides. Helmed by producer and guitarist Teddy Kumpel, Annie put down an incredible heartfelt and raw collection of songs about heart ache and heart felt love. I mixed it at my studio, Joe’s Garage, and Alex DeTurk mastered it beautifully.

The first single “Kindred Spirit” is available on all streaming platforms, go stream it now and look out for the full album coming out this summer.

The Man In Red // Happy Holidays



I recently produced, mixed and sound designed a lovely auditory escape for the holidays season titled “The Man in Red.” Created by Arian Moayed and based around 5 new holidays songs from Butch Phelps, this was an amazing experience in world building as well as music mixing and production. Orchestrations and musical production by Dan Kluger was top notch and the whole project came together remotely with us each working out of our own studios remotely during the Pandemic. Click the cover art below to find links to all the streaming platforms and give it a listen to keep the holiday spirit alive and bookmark it for next year. Happy new year everyone!


The radio play stars Brian Cox (HBO’s Succession) and many other talented actors. Click on the image below to be linked to a review by Theater Mania.

Arian Moayed, Brian Cox, and Aimee Carrero


Joan Osborne “Trouble & Strife” // New Album Out Today!


New Joan Osborne record “Trouble and Strife” is out today on all the streaming platforms and wherever music is sold. It was an incredible pleasure and honor to spend the past couple years recording and mixing this music with Joan and her incredible group of musicians… Keith Cotton (Keys), Andrew Carillo (Guitars), Jack Petruzzelli (Guitars), Richard Hammond (Bass), and Aaron Comess (Drums) were the core band in tracking with the exception of “ Meat and Potatoes “ which is an older Trigger Hippy track Joan brought out of Nashville.

We started recording this record a couple years ago. We tracked every sound you hear except for one song in Joan’s basement studio. I mixed the entire album except “M&P” at my place late last year. Congratulations to everyone involved and especially Joan on writing what I think is a timeless but unbelievably well timed record that speaks to us all and urges us to look out for each other…

Plus the tunes groove really hard! Thanks for trusting me with the sounds, everyone go listen today!

Paste Mag premieres new Joan Osborne single “Take It Any Way I Can Get It”


I had the pleasure of recording the full album in Joan’s studio where she “enlisted a large live band (including several musicians who played on her last album, Songs of Bob Dylan), featuring guitarists Jack Petruzzelli, Nels Cline and Andrew Carillo, keyboardist Keith Cotton, bassist Richard Hammond, drummer Aaron Comess and vocalists Catherine Russell, Ada Dyer, Martha Redbone and Audrey Martells.”

The band was smoking and we had such a blast recording everyone. Look forward to the days when we can do it again safely soon!

Mixed the album at my place and Alex Deturk ( mastered the collection exquisitely! Click on link below to read the Paste article and hear a Paste Live set Joan and her band did in 2017.

Joan Osborne “Boy Dontcha Know”


The new album “Trouble and Strife” will be available on September 18th. The first single “Boy Dontcha Know” is now available for streaming everywhere.  Check out what Rolling Stone has to say about the new album.

Engineered and mixed by yours truly in Joan’s basement studio with an incredible band of musicians playing live in the flesh.

“Boy Dontcha Know” by Joan Osborne
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