The Mags release “When I Get Home”


Emerging from the legendary Liverpudlian stomping ground, The Mags have embarked on a transatlantic musical journey, relocating from Liverpool to New York to carve out their place in the indie rock scene. Now, with their upcoming album “This Is The Mags” on the horizon, the band unveils their first single, “When I Get Home,” offering a glimpse into their revitalized sound. Produced by industry titans Danny ‘Kootch’ Kortchmar and Will Schillinger, and mixed by Grammy award-winner Matt Shane, “This Is The Mags” boasts a formidable lineup behind the boards, signaling a rock album with serious pedigree and credibility. Drawing inspiration from the raw energy of early naughties DIY bands like The White Stripes and The Black Keys, The Mags infuse their music with a distinctive flare that captures the essence of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. “When I Get Home” serves as a blues-infused anthem, recorded live in NYC after a five-day drinking session. The raw, unfiltered energy of the band’s performance shines through, evoking the spontaneity and intensity of a live show.With “When I Get Home,” The Mags announce their triumphant return to the indie rock scene, offering a potent blend of nostalgia and innovation. Their explosive entrance onto the circuit signals their ascent as ones to watch in 2024, promising an album that will leave an indelible mark on the genre.

Annie Keating “Hard Frost” Album out now!


Latest album from Annie Keating is out now. Produced by Teddy Kumpel, I recorded this album with Annie and her band at Atomic Sound in Brooklyn and mixed it at Joes Garage. Fred Kevorkian mastered the album through his rebuilt Ampex 351 tape machine and it sounds fantastic! Go check it out wherever you get your music!

Annie Keating “Feels Like Home” Out Now!


Ahead of Annie Keating’s upcoming UK tour, she’s released the latest single from our recent sessions together entitled “Feels Like Home”

Click on the link below to hear the song and if you’re in the UK, go see a show!

Izzaldin “Superhumain” Album out now!


Izzy tapped me to master his latest album, ‘Superhumain’. The album officially released on all platforms last night with help from the whole Holistic crew at the Sultan Room in Bushwick.

Check it out everywhere you stream music. I’m biased but I think it knocks pretty good!

Click the link to go to the album playlist on Spotify:

Annie Keating shout out in Rolling Stone France


Rolling Stone France interview Annie Keating about her most recent album “Bristol County Tides” and her upcoming EP and European tour. Annie was kind enough to shout out myself and album producer Teddy Kumpel for our contributions to the sound of Annie’s recent recordings. I will take any mention in Rolling Stone I can get! Check it out below…



Mae Krell ‘imposter syndrome’ out now!


Congratulations to Mae Krell on the release of her new EP “imposter syndrome” produced by Jakob Leventhal. Really appreciate them bringing me in on these new songs. Check it out below.


The Loyales LIVE


The Loyales recorded 15 songs live in the studio. 8 people live in the room doing their thing. Worked with Milton and Julia for years and had a blast recording the band after seeing them several times blowing the doors off Sunny’s Bar. Check’em out below and hopefully we can all groove on down together sometime sooner rather than later.

Joan Osborne “Radio Waves” LP coming out February 18th


I recently had the pleasure of working with Joan Osborne to touch up mixes on a collection of her band’s live radio performances spanning the past 20 years from around the globe. The album “Radio Waves” is coming out on digital formats February 18th and Vinyl this spring.

Check out the latest single “Shake Your Hips” video on YouTube:

And the first single from this new album collection “Real Love” video on YouTube:

Arlen Hart Ginsburg – Radian


Arlen Hart Ginsburg’s latest album released on Sunday August 29th. Arlen and I mixed this together and it is a wonderful musical exploration of emotions and soundscape. Much thanks to Alex DeTurk for the secret sauce mastering on the final product. Click below to have a listen.

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