Joan Osborne “Trouble & Strife” // New Album Out Today!


New Joan Osborne record “Trouble and Strife” is out today on all the streaming platforms and wherever music is sold. It was an incredible pleasure and honor to spend the past couple years recording and mixing this music with Joan and her incredible group of musicians… Keith Cotton (Keys), Andrew Carillo (Guitars), Jack Petruzzelli (Guitars), Richard Hammond (Bass), and Aaron Comess (Drums) were the core band in tracking with the exception of “ Meat and Potatoes “ which is an older Trigger Hippy track Joan brought out of Nashville.

We started recording this record a couple years ago. We tracked every sound you hear except for one song in Joan’s basement studio. I mixed the entire album except “M&P” at my place late last year. Congratulations to everyone involved and especially Joan on writing what I think is a timeless but unbelievably well timed record that speaks to us all and urges us to look out for each other…

Plus the tunes groove really hard! Thanks for trusting me with the sounds, everyone go listen today!