The Wali Sanga “Remember My Name”


The dopiness from Sheriff Ariff’s outfit ‘The Wali Sanga’

From another time and another dimension, back when musicians were coming into Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Williamsburg and creating wonderful art and the foundation for larger more elaborate projects in a killer space with no costs to them and all the tools one could want to get creative quickly and efficiently…

“Remember My Name” song trailer
Stream full track:
Video shot by Esteban Araya; edited by Sheriff Ariff
Sheriff Ariff // vox, keys, alto sax, composition
Maralisa + J. Hoard // vox
Ignacio Rivas-Bixio // drums
Daniel Winshall // bass
Cory Sterling // guitar
Phillip Gillette // percussion
Mario Castro / tenor sax
Caleb Mason // trombone
Andrew Orkin + Matt Shane + Diko Shoturma // engineers
Nic Hard // mix
Dave McNair Mastering // master